Navigation (Camden)

Learn how to configure the theme navigation here. In your control panel, go to Storefront > Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Navigation'

General Settings

Hide Web Pages in Main Navigation

Checking this option stops information pages created in the Content Management System (CMS) from appearing in the top navigation bar.

Hide "View Parent" Links

By default with the style of dropdown navigation we use, lists appear when the top level item is clicked. In this case, we present a "View Parent" link to allow visitors to access the top level category. This option prevents the "View Parent" link appearing.

Enable Hover Over Dropdowns

The greatest usability benefit of hover-based drop-down menus is that users are able to read through the main categories, then hover one which they think might be appropriate, and then based on the revealed sub-options infer if it is in fact the appropriate parent scope or if they need to explore other main categories.

Enclosed/ Mega Menu Dropdown Label 

You can rename the link that appears in the menu or leave this field blank to use the language file default. Note that the text field has a 64 character limit.

Navigation Style

Camden includes three styles of navigation, that can be displayed in multiple configurations to provide a unique layout to your brand.

Setting Up Menu Depths For dropdown menus to appear, you need to set up a menu display depth of at least 2 levels deep.

To set this, in your store Control Panel, go to Store Setup > Store Settings and click the Display tab. Under the Category Setting heading, look for the Menu Display Depth field.


To create fly out menus, set the menu depth to at least 3.

Simple Enclosed

This is a useful menu if you have 3 or more levels of categories.

Mega Menu

This looks best if you configure your categories 3 levels deep. If you have not set up your entire category structure to work with the mega menu, choose one of the alternative options above.

Simple Navigation Settings

Maximum Top Level Categories Show

For large catalogs, only display your best selling categories.

Put Extra Categories in a Dropdown

Check this option to hide the other categories in your store in a "more..." list.

Extra Categories Dropdown Label

If you enabled the option above you can edit the default label text.

Hide Category Images in Mega Menu

If you upload a Category Image in the Control Panel to a first level category it will appear in the Mega Menu. If you'd prefer it to not show you can check this option.

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