Category Pages (Covent Garden)

Learn how to configure the category page display in this section. In your control panel, go to Storefront > My Themes, click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor, then select the "Theme Styles" icon. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Category Pages'

Show "Shop by Price"

Set the checkbox to enable a "Shop by Price" filter on the category page.

Enable Infinite Scroll

Set the checkbox to enable Infinite Scroll on the category page.

There may be some performance issues on older devices if this is used alongside page animations

Product Count on Category Listing

This shows the total number of products in a category, along with a count of how many are currently displaying.

If the total is 100 or less, a link will appear with the option to "Show All". If there are more than 100 products in a category, the link will give the option to "Show 100 Products".

Check the option "Hide 'number of products displayed'" to disable this feature.

This is automatically hidden if infinite scroll is enabled and there is more than one category page.

Hide Category Image

We would recommend making sure this option is turned on, as category images are best used for displaying categories in a grid. Once clicked through to the main page, you can present content via the category description.

Show Sub Categories as a Grid on Category Pages

Enabling this mode will replace the list of sub categories in the left column of the category page with a grid in the main content column.

This is best used when sub categories have images assigned to them. You can specify how many columns will be shown in the desktop viewport.

Number of Products per Page

Choose how many products to display on the Category, Brand and Search Results pages.

Note that we have set these lists to display options that divide into 3 or 4 columns so that the grids will display correctly across all devices.

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