Featured Categories (Camden)

In your control panel, go to Storefront > Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Theme Features'

Camden includes a custom panel on the homepage that will pull in specific categories that you want to feature. This is flexible enough for the store owner to determine which categories they want to feature without having to base it off an existing category structure.

Check the 'Enable featured categories on the home page' box to enable this feature


Once activated, the panel will search for a category you have designated as the top level featured category. You can do this in your control panel by creating a new category, or choosing an existing one. Under the chosen category, add new sub categories - these will appear as featured categories on the home page.

You can assign existing products to appear under these featured categories in addition to their current category assignments.

Set the name of this category in the ‘Featured Category Name’ field. Note that this field has a 64 character limit and is case sensitive.

The panel will locate the specified top level category, and providing it contains subcategories, will list those as the “Featured Categories” on the homepage. We recommend setting up a category image in the control panel for each featured category that is pulled through into the grid.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Create a new category ( Products > Product Categories). We suggest you call it “Featured Categories”

  2. Within the new category add any sub-categories that you want to be displayed on the homepage.

    Please note that for these sub-categories to be visible on your storefront, Menu Display Depth ( Store Setup > Store Settings > Display > Category Settings > Menu Display Depth) must be a minimum of 2 levels deep.

  3. Add a category image to each of the sub-categories in the ‘Featured Categories’ category

    You must add the images using the category image field, shown above, images in the category description can't be used for this feature.

  4. Open the theme editor, ‘Home Page Featured Categories’ section ( Storefront > My themes > (Current Theme) Customize > Theme Features), and put a check mark in ‘Enable featured categories on the home page’ (see below).

  5. In this same section the ‘Featured category name’ must exactly match the name of the top level category you set up in step 1. This is case sensitive. So if as suggested you called the new category “Featured Categories”, you must enter “Featured Categories” in this field.

    As noted above, the 'Featured category name' entered in the theme editor, must be exactly the same as that entered in step 1. The field has a 64 character limit and is case sensitive. So entering "Featured Categories" as the field name and "Featured categories" in the theme editor would NOT work.

  6. That’s it! Open your home page, and your featured categories will show.

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