How do I add a store banner?

Banners are a great way to advertise sales, display coupon codes and promotions, relay important information, and to add design elements such as images and videos.

Creating Banners

1. Go to MarketingBanners and click Create a Banner.

2. Enter a  Banner Name. This is for internal purposes only, and will not be visible to your customers.

3. Use the WYSIWYG Editor to add the content for your banner. Content can include images, video, text, and scripts. 

4. Select which page the banner should appear on.  Banners can only be added to one page at a time.

  • Home Page
  • For a Specific Category
  • For a Specific Brand
  • Search Results Page

5. Select a  Date Range for the banner to display.

  • Always show this banner until I remove it
  • Only display this banner between specific dates 

6. Select whether or not the banner should be  Visible. If you'd like to save the banner as a draft, deselect this option before saving.

7. From the Location drop-down, select whether the banner should appear at the  Top of page or Bottom of page. A banner can only be applied to one page at a time, but you can recreate a banner to apply it on another page. 

When it says top and bottom it doesn't always mean the extreme top and bottom - it depends where the banner has been composed on each page of the theme.

8.  Save your changes.

Here's an example of a top page banner on the Kings Road Decor demo store.

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