What image file formats can I use for my logo?

Most often found in the header, logos play an important role in a store's branding. Use either PNG or JPEG (JPG) file formats for your logo to achieve the best results in Flair themes.

Alternatives to explore

Apart from PNG and JPEG, there are other approaches to displaying logos that may fit better for your store.

Use a GIF image

For our themes, GIF format images can be displayed in the header. These GIF images can animate and may work to the advantage of certain brands. Some key disadvantages of GIF images are their size and scalability. In other words, they take longer to load the image file and don't adapt to smaller screens as well as the recommended PNG or JPEG.

Uploading an SVG Logo

Alternatively you can set up an SVG to display instead by following these steps:

  1. Create an SVG version of your logo. Note the name and extension that you save it with.  
  2. Access your store's WebDAV folder and create a folder called img in the content folder. Note that if you have already created a folder with the same name, skip this step
  3. Upload your logo into the new img folder.
  4. In Theme Editor, enter the filename of the image into the SVG file name field, exactly as you saved it, i.e. logo.svg (the field has a 64 character limit). Do not include the path to the image.
  5. Change the Logo size setting in either Theme Editor > Header or Storefront > Logo to either "Optimized for theme" or "Specify Dimensions".

For more information on the WebDAV system in BigCommerce, refer to this BigCommerce support article.

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