How do I update my theme?

Each Flair theme purchase includes all future versions of that theme. Regular releases for new versions provide bug fixes, added features, platform compatibility requirements, or other improvements.

To see if a theme needs updating, go to  Storefront My Themes

When a theme has an available update, a notification will also appear in the control panel.

How to update a theme

To preview how the update will affect your store, click the  Customize Update button. This will open the Page Builder and show a preview of your storefront.

To apply the update to your theme, click  Update. This won't undo changes made in Page Builder. 

Updating custom themes

If you have a modified theme, it is disconnected from the update feature; updating the base theme won’t affect the modified copy.  This is how the BigCommerce system works and is out of our hands. To benefit from updates to the theme, any customizations would need to be re-applied to a new copy of the updated base theme.

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Please see the BigCommerce article Updating a Marketplace Theme for more information.

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