How to I upload an image in the theme editor?

There are certain sections of our themes that allow you to upload content directly to it through the theme editor. Learn how to upload images to your store using WebDav in this section.

How to upload an image using WebDav

  1. Create your image, use this article to help you choose what image sizes are best for you. Note the name and extension that you save it as.
  2. Access your store's WebDAV folder and create a folder called img in the content folder. Note that if you have already created a folder with the same name, skip this step
  3. Upload your banner image into the new img folder.
  4. In Theme Editor, enter the filename of the image into the relevant field, exactly as you saved it, e.g. newsletter.jpg. Do not include the path to the image.

For more information on the WebDAV system in BigCommerce, refer to this BigCommerce support article.

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