Can I add a custom font to my theme?

We have curated a collection of typefaces that work well with each. The Typography panel in the theme editor allows you to choose heading and body text font families, as well as configuring the font sizes.

In addition to our curated collection, you can also include any font from Google Fonts by enabling the option "Enable Custom Google Fonts". Once enabled, additional text boxes appear in the panel to enter a string to define your chosen font and weight.

The custom font string must be structured in the following way:

The service provider must be specified (currently only Google is supported):


followed by the name of the font:


followed by the weight of the font:


For example:


The name of the font can be found by browsing Google Fonts and clicking the desired font. You will see the font name in the address bar after the /specimen/ fragment in the url

Note that you must include the "+" symbols in font names if they exist, i.e.


You may specify multiple weights by comma separating the values, i.e.


If you want to use a non-Google font it's a little more complicated. Let us know the details of the font you'd like to add and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

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