How do I customize a theme?

An overview of where to start if you want to customize the theme files.

If you choose to modify the theme files yourself, Flair will no longer be able to offer free support for issues you may experience.

If you wish to modify the theme by changing its core files, then you will need to create a copy of the theme first (see below).

Making a copy effectively 'disconnects' it from the update feature. The original theme will still receive updates, but you will need to manually maintain a customized theme.

Paid Customization

Flair offer paid customization on all of our themes. To discuss your requirements, please send us your specific requirements in an email to Sales, or Contact us here. A member of our team will be in touch to provide a quote.

If you've already received a quote, you can purchase the time here.

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Customizing the Theme Yourself

Our themes are fully customizable through the Stencil development environment provided by BigCommerce. Please note that explaining how to customize the theme files is out of the scope of our support.

Making a Copy of the Theme

If you want to edit your theme files, you will first need to make a copy of the theme. In your BigCommerce Control Panel go to Storefront > My Themes and click the Advanced button on the right hand side of the active theme.

Choose Make a Copy. Give the copy a new name, and click the button Save a Copy.

Customization Method 1 - Edit Online

You can make changes to the language files and theme templates by using the online editor. If you have not activated the copied theme, click the ... icon and click Edit Theme Files. If you have already activated the copy, you can find the option by clicking the Advanced button.

Customization Method 2 - Edit Locally

The best way to customize our theme is to develop in the Stencil environment that BigCommerce has set up.

For more details on how to use this development environment, please refer to their documentation site.

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