Release Notes (Brick Lane)

Check here for details of updates, fixes and new feature releases for the theme.

1.2.1 (Nov 07, 2023)


  • Improved 'load more' button code to crawl pagination pages


  • Cart quantity wasn't being updated on mobile
  • Below category products page builder region wasn't displaying correctly

1.2.0 (Sep 12, 2023)


  • Option to align content or offset the layout


  • Webpack to version 5 to support Node 18
  • Replace AddThis component with provider sharing links
  • Adjusted the way sale tags are generated
  • Newsletter popup integration


  • Default product sorting was not working on search pages
  • Recaptcha issue on password reset page
  • Store logo being blurry
  • The header had extra space when it had both top navigation and a top banner
  • Videos entered via WYSIWYG editor changing the PDP layout
  • Paypal Credit banners now appear correctly in all regions
  • Additional checkout buttons now appear correctly in all regions

1.1.0 (Feb 14, 2023)


  • Option to use Taggbox Instagram feed without having to install the third party app
  • Alert colors can be changed in theme editor
  • Bug fix stream in custom CSS options - Resource hints for CDN helper to improve page speed load times
  • Provided a full width page template for webpages
  • Store address and phone number now appears in footer (if set up control panel)
  • Resource hints for CDN helper to improve page speed load times
  • Option to upload newsletter popup image via the image manager in store control panel


  • New theme editor panel layout
  • Text inputs in theme editor now allow more than 64 characters
  • Cookie message design and layout. It also uses store color scheme now
  • Replace schema microdata with LD+JSON tag


  • Newsletter was too narrow on large screens
  • Logo was getting cut off if top navigation was applied with a store banner using bottom position
  • Product name on PDP was getting cut off on scroll when top navigation was applied
  • "Shop by Price" filter now appears as expected on Category Page


  • Google AMP support as BigCommerce are phasing out support in the control panel

1.0.1 (Aug 2, 2022)


  • Option to use system fonts in the theme for better performance
  • Option to use custom Google font strings
  • Option to use custom CSS files
  • Options to hide global banners in different page types


  • Header display issues when navigation set to top of the page
  • Spacing issue with category sort box
  • Global banner is now global
  • Pagination display issue
  • Element animations on scroll now work when enabled
  • Swatches now show on cards globally when enabled

1.0.0 (Aug 1, 2022)

  • Initial release
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