An update is available, should I apply it?

Why Apply Updates?

If you’re running an unmodified version of the theme, apply the update to benefit from the latest changes (see the release notes for the theme to see what the changes are).  Any configuration changes you’ve made through the theme editor will be retained, as will all of your store content.

Customized/Modified Themes

If you have a modified theme, it is disconnected from the update feature; updating the base theme won’t affect the modified copy.   This is how the BigCommerce system works and is out of our hands.  To benefit from any updates to the theme, any customizations would need to be re-applied to a new copy of the updated base theme*.

Please see the BigCommerce article Updating a Marketplace Theme for more information.

Do I Need Every Update?

Please note that any small update to a base theme results in an 'Update' button appearing in your Control Panel. These are only updates to the theme (the look and feel of the website). Although sometimes updates fix issues, often they're a small change that you may not notice, or related to a feature that you don't use or need on your store.

As BigCommerce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, these updates are usually not security related and so it's not necessary to always update to the latest version of a theme. 

Release Notes for our themes can be found here.

*Discounts are available for re-applying paid customisations.

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