What changes are included in the latest theme version?

Themes change with each release of a new theme version. Bug fixes, theme enhancements, and platform compatibilities are among the most common changes made to themes.

Track theme changes with release notes

Also known as changelogs or version histories, release notes describe changes made to a theme over its lifetime.

Each theme version is listed with the date of release, version number, and a list of changes made to the theme. Changes are categorized by four subheadings:  FixedAddedRemoved, and Changed.

  • Fixed refers to theme changes aimed at resolving bugs in the theme. Bugs are commonplace in software development.
  • Added refers to theme features, settings, etc. included in the time after the theme's initial release.
  • Removed refers to theme features, settings, etc. excluded in the time since the theme's initial release.
  • Changed refers to theme features, settings, etc. that have been adjusted for improvement.
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