Home Page (Brick Lane)

Configure the home page and hero banner features in this section. In your control panel, go to Storefront > My Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Home Page'.


Show Carousel

Check this option to show the slides that you have set up in your store Control Panel ( Storefront > Home Page Carousel).

Show Carousel Arrows

Check this option to show navigation arrows to the left and right of the carousel, to move back or forward through the slides.

Carousel Mode

Storyboard (Recommended)

Storyboard mode distributes your hero images and messages throughout the home page, breaking up content and giving more visibility to each individual item.

The content will automatically adapt to the number of slides that have been set up in the carousel system. Set up the slides exactly how you would the classic mode carousel.

We recommend this mode because data proves that a sliding carousel is largely ignored, and that slides after the first one aren't seen.

If they are not set up correctly, as is often the case, then they simply waste screen space. We have compiled a number of reports that show why you shouldn't use them. For further insights, read the following articles:


If you would prefer to use this mode, please note that you should set up clear calls to action to avoid visitors ignoring the carousel.

Carousel Width

Choose to contain the content within the main page container or match the viewport width.

Background Transparency

Here you can select how transparent you want the background color of the carousel content. If you are concerned about text legibility then have it set to a higher percentage.

Hide Dots Background

Check this option if you want to hide the dots background.


Configure the number of products displayed for the Featured Products, Most Popular Products and New Products Panels, or disable the panel so that it no longer displays on the home page.

Alternative Product List Titles

This is an alternative display mode for featured, new and top selling product lists on the home page. The title appears to the left of the product lists styled on a card.

Blog Articles

Check this option to enable a panel on the homepage which will display latest articles in your blog. It will pull in thumbnail images from each post if they exist.

The number of posts displayed is dependent on the Number of Blog Posts setting for the home page. The Columns setting assigns the number of columns on the desktop view in the frontend.

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