Theme Features (22 Savile Row)

Enable features in 22 Savile Row here. In your control panel, go to Storefront > Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Theme Features'

Show Phone Number in Header

If you have set up a phone number in the Store Profile area of the BigCommerce Control Panel, checking this option will show the phone number in the header.

Enable Add to Wishlist on Product Listings

This will display an Add to Wishlist button on the category product listing grid to allow a visitor to compile a wishlist of products.

Hide Details on Product Listings in Hover Container (Large Screens)

Enable this option to show product details when hovering over a product, rather than displaying the details below the product image. This setting only takes effect on large screens.

Enable Image Hover Switcher

We have included a module in our theme that switches the product thumbnail image on the category grid with a second alternative image on hover.

This will always pull in the second image from the product image library. To ensure that our module works correctly, the second image in sequence should not be set to display as the thumbnail in the store control panel.

You should also make sure the first and second images use the same aspect ratio to avoid visual glitches.

Hide All Product Card Buttons

Enable this option to hide the Add to Cart, Choose Options, Wishlist, Compare, and Quick View buttons. Customers must click on the product to open the product page before buying.

Sticky Navigation

Enabling this feature allows the main navigation bar to stick to the top of the viewport on large screens and above. This simplifies the layout of the utility navigation, only displaying search, cart and compare when available.

While the sticky navigation is configured to work with unlimited categories, for the best appearance limit your main navigation items to 8 or less.

Hide "View All" on Mega Menu Drop-downs

By default with the style of dropdown navigation we use, lists appear when the top level item is clicked. In this case, we present a "View All" link to allow visitors to access the top level category. This option prevents the "View All" link appearing.

Enable Simple Navigation

22 Savile Row includes two styles of navigation, that can be displayed in multiple configurations to provide a unique layout to your brand.

Setting Up Menu Depths For dropdown menus to appear, you need to set up a menu display depth of at least 2 levels deep.

To set this, in your store Control Panel, go to Store Setup > Store Settings and click the Display tab. Under the Category Setting heading, look for the Menu Display Depth field.

Mega Menu

This is the default navigation design. This looks best if you configure your categories 3 levels deep. If you have not set up your entire category structure to work with the mega menu, choose option below.

Simple Navigation

To create fly out menus, set the menu depth to at least 3.

Show Color Swatches on Product Listings

We have included a module to display color swatches on any product with a color swatch option in the category grid listing. Check this box to enable.

Options must be configured to use the swatch type for these to display.

Show Swatches on Related Products

This will display swatches on Related Products product cards.

Custom CSS

Enable custom store and checkout CSS to add overrides and additional CSS without having to edit your theme files. This allows you to use the master copy of the theme and still benefit from updates.

These files are loaded last so override all built in styles.

Before activating, you will need to create files named   custom.css and checkout.css locally. These correspond to the two options in the settings panel. You will need to upload these files via WebDAV to your store. Inside the Content folder, create a new directory called css, and upload your new CSS files to this location.

Developer custom CSS is an option used by Flair when setting up paid customizations.

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