Payment Buttons (Covent Garden)

Configure your payment buttons in this panel. In your control panel, go to Storefront > Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Payment Buttons'.

Setting Description
Layout Show buttons side by side (horizontally) or stacked (vertically).
Color Pick the color of the PayPal Checkout and PayPal Pay Later buttons on the cart page and in the Quick Cart modal (Gold, Blue, Silver, Black, White).
Shape Select the shape for payment buttons (Pill or Rectangle).
Display label Select this to add developer custom checkout CSS. This is used by Flair when setting up paid customers.
Display the PayPal Tagline Choose toDisplay the PayPal Tagline.
Display the Funding Icons Choose toDisplay the Funding Icons.
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