Product Tags and Labels (Covent Garden)

Learn how to configure and use the Tags and Labels module. In your control panel, go to Storefront > My Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Product Tags & Labels'

On Sale Badges

Enable this and any discounted product, i.e. with a sale price will display a sale tag.

Note that due to the way BigCommerce currently generates product prices, sale tags will appear on any discounted product, including ones in customer groups with discounts applied.

Sale Percentage Savings

With sale tags enabled, you can also choose to show the percentage saved inside the sale tag. These tags will only display if Sales Badges are activated.

Custom Labels on Product Grid

Store owners can attach a custom label to products listed in the category grid by setting up a custom field on a product with the label Promotion Label.

For more information about setting up custom fields on products, see the following BigCommerce support article - Custom Fields.

Show Selling Fast Tags on Product Grid

If activated, this will show a "Selling Fast!" label on the product grid if inventory levels are equal to or less than the set warning level.

For more information about inventory levels, see the following BigCommerce support article - Inventory Tracking.

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