FAQ (Camden)

Questions we get asked regularly about Camden.

Why don't you have tabs on the product page?

Over the years working on Conversion Rate Optimization for paying clients we have gathered hundreds of thousands of real user sessions showing that only around 1% of visitors click tabs on product pages.

Tabs are useful if you want to hide content away from visitors so they will never see it. If you look at one of the leaders in ecommerce, Amazon, who pioneered the use of tabs on their site, you won't see any tabs on the product page now.

Which carousel mode is best?

Storyboard (Recommended)

Storyboard mode distributes your hero images and messages throughout the home page, breaking up content and giving more visibility to each individual item.

The content will automatically adapt to the number of slides that have been set up in the carousel system. Set up the slides exactly how you would the classic mode carousel.

We recommend this mode because data proves that a sliding carousel is largely ignored, and that slides after the first one aren't seen.

If they are not set up correctly, as is often the case, then they simply waste screen space. We have compiled a number of reports that show why you shouldn't use them. For further insights, read the following articles:


If you would prefer to use this mode, please note that you should set up clear calls to action to avoid visitors ignoring the carousel.

Why do you not recommend showing sharing icons on the product pages?

By analyzing hundreds of thousands of real user sessions we found that product pages without social sharing buttons convert better than those with. Anything that can potentially take visitors away from your site can cause them to get distracted and not complete a purchase.

For an in-depth look at some data, take a look at this report by VWO.

To promote your products with social sharing, we recommend using these features on the order complete step of the checkout, and in your transactional follow-up emails.

Which header width is best for my store?

You can configure the header width independently from the global container width.

Match container width 

Restricts all header elements to the global header width.


Constrains the navigation to the global page width container but removes the constraints from the topmost elements.

Full page width

All header elements fit the width of the browser, full screen, rather than being constrained by the global page width setting. The search box enlarges to fill some of the whitespace.

Which navigation design is best for my store?

Camden includes three styles of navigation that can be displayed in multiple configurations to provide a unique layout to your brand.

For dropdown menus to appear, you need to set up a menu display depth of at least 2 levels deep.

To set this, in your store Control Panel, go to  Store Setup > Store Settings and click the Display tab. Under the Category Setting heading, look for the Menu Display Depth field.

Simple Menu

To create fly out menus, set the menu depth to at least 3.

Simple Enclosed Menu

This looks best if you configure your categories 3 levels deep. It will display your categories in a single column (e.g. Shop Online).

Mega Menu

This looks best if you configure your categories 3 levels deep. If you have not set up your entire category structure to work with the mega menu, choose one of the alternative options above.

How do I set up Add Multiple SKUs?

A page template is included in the theme to enable multiple SKUs to be added to the cart at once. To use this feature:

  1. Create a new page in Storefront > Web Pages > Create a Web Page
  2. In the Template Layout File field select multi-add-skus. No page content is needed.
  3. When saving the page, make a note of the Page URL

By default a link to the page will be shown in the footer. To display the page in the top navigation bar, enable  Show Multi Add link in the navigation and enter the page URL you made a note of above under Page URL.

CSV Upload

In v1.1.0 a new CSV upload feature has been on the add multiple SKUs page.

To test this yourself: 1. Create a 2 column CSV with “sku” and “qty” headings (lower case) on the first row (cells A1 and B1 if you're using a spreadsheet program to create the file).

<code>Alternatively, download <a href="/docs/camden/doks-theme/assets/files/camden-b2b-upload.csv">this example file</a> and overtype the values with SKUs that exist on your store.
  1. On your Add Multiple SKUs page, click on Upload CSV.

  2. Navigate to and select the CSV file you created.

    The contents of the file will create and populate new fields on the page.

    3a. Optionally remove the first blank row.

  3. Click on Add all items to your cart.

Each row will be added to the cart sequentially; in the header the number of items in the cart will increase.

You may want to provide your customers with instructions for this feature. Below is some suggested text that you can use if you wish. Copy and paste this text into the Page Content WYSIWYG area on your 'Add Multiple SKUs' page.

To upload SKUs in a CSV file to your cart:

  1. Create a 2 column CSV with “sku” and “qty” headings (lower case) on the first row.
  2. Click on Upload CSV below.
  3. Navigate to and open your CSV file, new rows will appear on the page below.
    3a. Optionally remove the first, blank, row.
  4. Click on Add all items to your cart.

Each row will be added to the cart sequentially; in the header the number of items in the cart will increase.

You can also enter SKUs directly into rows on this page.

How do I setup the short description feature?

Camden includes a "Short Description" feature, which can be used to show a short description, or any text, on the product details page, specific to each product.

To use the feature:

  1. Go to Products > View > (edit a product) > Custom Fields tab.
  2. In one of the Custom Field # Names enter "Short Description" (case sensitive).
  3. In the corresponding Custom Field # Value enter the text you would like to appear on the product details page. This could be a precis of the full description, or any text you would like to appear (limit 250 characters).
  4. Save and view the product. The text will appear below the price on the product details page. The text also appears in Quick View, but won't appear on Product Listing Pages (Product Cards).

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