B2B Features (Camden)

In your control panel, go to Storefront > Themes, and click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'B2B Features'.

Price Ranges

Setting Description
Show price ranges Show the price range (lowest to highest) for products with variants.

Primary Price Display

Setting Description
Primary price When your store is configured to show prices including and excluding tax, choose which is styled as the primary price.
Primary MSRP Select if the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) amount is displayed including or excluding tax.

Tax Labels

Setting Description
Show tax label on single priced products Show the tax label when displaying only single prices including or excluding tax.

Restrict Purchasing

Setting Description
Restrict purchase to login Select this to hide prices and add to cart buttons until your customers sign in to the website.
Stop new accounts (not in a group) from seeing prices Select this option to prevent newly created accounts from being able to access the catalog or pricing. Please note assigning an account to any customer group will allow them to access locked down stores when logged in.

Hide Home Page Content

Setting Description
Hide home page promotions if entire catalog is hidden Select this to hide home page promotions. Please note you need to select the hide entire product catalog option in the restrict purchase to login setting for this to work.

Enforce Minimum Order Value

Setting Description
Stop customers from reaching the checkout unless they meet a minimum order value Enable this option to set a minimum order value required before a customer can checkout.
Minimum order value Set the minimum order value required here. This is the subtotal before tax (when tax is enabled in store settings). If the value of products in the cart is less than the amount entered, the customer will be prompted to add more products. Please note you don't need to enter a currency symbol.

Add Multiple SKUs Feature

Setting Description
Show multi add link in the navigation Select this to display a link in the navigation to a web page where customers can add multiple SKUs at once. Full instructions can be found here.
Page URL Enter the URL for a web page with the multi-add-skus template enabled. It should only contain the absolute path to the related content, not the protocol and hostname.

Product Cards

Setting Description
Allow customers to enter a quantity and add to cart in the product listing pages Enable this option to display a  Quantity field and Add to Cart button in the product listing pages.

Quick Add by SKU

Setting Description
Show "Quick Add by SKU" forms in the header and mini carts Enable this option to show  Quick Add by SKU forms in the header and mini cart.

Home Page Login

Setting Description
Show login box on the home page Enable this option to show a login box on the home page.
Show account bar on the home page Enable this option to show an account bar on the home page.
Home page login box mode Once the login box is enabled you can choose from either the standard Email and password or Email a one click login. Having a link sent to your email address makes saving passwords a thing of the past.
Redirect one click login to this page Choose what page the customers get redirected to. By default / is entered so they go back to the home page.
Login box background color Choose the color of the background behind the text on the login box.
Login box text color Choose the color of the text on the login box.

Mini Side Cart

Setting Description
Enable the mini side cart on category/brand/search listings Select this to enable the mini side cart on category grid, brand pages, and search listings.

Cart Page

Setting Description
Show SKUs in the cart Enable this to show SKUs in the mini cart and cart page.
Show empty cart button Clicking this button clears multiple items at once on the cart page.
Allow customers to save their cart to lists Enable this to show an option on the cart page for customers to save their carts to a shopping list.
Thumbnail image in cart and other pages Select this to change the size of the cart thumbnail image. Use this article to help you choose what image sizes are best for you.
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