Getting Started (Kings Road)

Introduction to the theme and theme editor.

Thank you for purchasing Kings Road

Kings Road began as an upgrade to our very popular 22 Savile Row theme, which has been installed on thousands of BigCommerce stores since 2014!

However, while designing and developing some of the new features for Kings Road, it became apparent that it wouldn't be compatible with the configuration of many stores that are currently using 22 Savile Row.  We didn't want to release an update into the Theme Store only for store owners to find that when they updated their theme it didn't work properly anymore!

So, Kings Road was born instead.  As it has roots in 22 Savile Row it's an excellent choice for upgrading from that theme if you're looking for the features now available in Kings Road.

Please read through this documentation to get the most out of the theme.

Getting Help

We try to address all of the theme features in this documentation. If you think something's missing, or you encounter any problems or bugs, please use the help icon to send our support team a message.

Premium Setup and Modifications

Flair are one of the longest standing, best rated BigCommerce Partners in the world. We offer additional setup and customization services for your theme. If you have specific requirements, use the help icon to get in touch and request a quote.

Choosing a Variation

Kings Road comes with four preconfigured theme variations. Check out our demo sites for Bespoke, Decor, Bijou and Contest.

You can choose a theme variation from inside the Stencil Theme Editor, accessed in your BigCommerce control panel. In your control panel, go to Storefront > My Themes, click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor, then select the "Theme Styles" icon.

In the left hand menu, click the "Styles" heading, and from here you can select your preferred variation.

Theme Variations





Theme Updates

We regularly update our themes to maintain them and introduce new features. If you customize the theme through the Stencil Theme Editor, then when you apply an update, your configuration will be retained in the new version.

Updating theme files if you wish to modify the theme by changing the core files, then you'll need to create a copy of the theme first.

Making a copy effectively 'disconnects' it from the update feature. The original theme will still receive updates, but you will need to manually maintain a customized theme.

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