Header (Kings Road)

Learn how to configure the theme header and footer here. In your control panel, go to Storefront > Themes, click the blue "Customize" button to launch Theme Editor, then select the "Theme Styles" icon. In the left hand column of the Theme Editor, click the panel labelled 'Header & Footer'.

Header Features

Show Store Phone Number in Header

If you have set up a phone number in the Store Profile area of the BigCommerce Control Panel, checking this option will show the phone number in the header.

Image Based Logo

Image Logo Size

You can adjust the size of the logo here.

Please note before you consider adjusting the recommended sizes, take a look at how three of the biggest brands on the planet size their logos.

Text Based Logo

Check the option in this section to make your logo uppercase.

Configure the size and color of your text based logo here.

Main Navigation

Sticky Navigation

Enabling this feature allows the main navigation bar to stick to the top of the viewport on large screens and above. This simplifies the layout of the utility navigation, only displaying search, cart and compare when available.

While the sticky navigation is configured to work with unlimited categories, for the best appearance limit your main navigation items to 8 or less.

Hide Logo on Sticky Navigation

Checking this will hide the logo when the sticky navigation activates on scroll. Scrolling back to the top of the page will make the logo reappear.

Hide "View All" on Mega Menu Dropdowns

By default with the style of dropdown navigation we use, lists appear when the top level item is clicked. In this case, we present a "View All" link to allow visitors to access the top level category. This option prevents the "View All" link appearing.

Hide Web Pages in Main Navigation

Checking this option stops information pages created in the Content Management System (CMS) from appearing in the top navigation bar.

Show "Brands" in Navigation

This adds an additional "Brands" link to the navigation. This is just a top level link that redirects to the main Brands page, it does not create a drop down list.

Navigation Design

Kings Road includes two styles of navigation, that can be displayed in multiple configurations to provide a unique layout to your brand.

Setting Up Menu Depths For dropdown menus to appear, you need to set up a menu display depth of at least 2 levels deep.

To set this, in your store Control Panel, go to Store Setup > Store Settings and click the Display tab. Under the Category Setting heading, look for the Menu Display Depth field.

Simple Menu

To create fly out menus, set the menu depth to at least 3.

Mega Menu

This looks best if you configure your categories 3 levels deep. If you have not set up your entire category structure to work with the mega menu, choose one of the alternative options above.

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